I’m going to go out on a limb and predict you are right now doing something you believe important enough to continue doing as you read these words such that in a future moment, just a second from now, you’ll deem present actions necessary to do the thing you are doing next.

“What the what, Pastor?!”

I know! Confusing, right?!

My point? There is no now independent from what’s next. Right now, your YOU is making decisions based on what you hope for the future. This Sunday, as we round off our series, Who am I, God? we’re going to wrestle with our last question: Am I my Future, God?

It’s an important question because what you believe about tomorrow is clearly informing your today. And the path you take today will inform where you end up tomorrow. Your identity is intimately tied to your hope for the future.

So what’s going to happen Sunday? I can’t predict that for you. Because I’m me, I predict I’ll be at Faith Covenant Church. Where will your YOU take you this Sunday?

Finding myself in Him,
Pastor Brad

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