Greetings church!
What a practical, helpful, challenging series we’re walking through together: Healing Home. After two big weeks and two big topics (Relational Healing and Physical Healing), this Sunday, we dive even deeper. This Sunday, we look at Emotional Healing. 
There are pieces of our lives that are seen (our relationships and our physical bodies), and there are pieces of us that are invisible (our emotional/mental health). These pieces, although hidden from view, are just as real, just as known, and just as significant to the way we walk through life. Plain and simple, our emotional/mental health affects everything we think, say, and do. 
And the Good News? God knows everything about us, and He loves us with a perfect love. Those things you’re feeling, struggling with, desiring to change? God sees, God knows, God loves, and God can bring healing, even to the deepest places. God desires healing for us in all places, even (and especially) in the deepest recesses. As you prepare for worship this weekend, I encourage you to spend some time resting in the truth that, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” (Psalm 147:3) Friends, these words are true, they are eternal, and they are God’s desire for you. 
Join us this Sunday as we look deep within, trusting that God is there, offering hope and healing to all things.
See you soon!
Pastor Char
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