So, where would you like to end up eternally? Heaven, right?! Well, what if I told you all of us who put our faith in Christ will not live forever in heaven? 

“Wait! What?!”

I know the thought sounds controversial, but it’s right out of the Bible, and it’s been the teaching of the Church for 2000+ years. We need to simply read the last two chapters of our Bibles to understand our eternal home, where we find eternal healing, and it is not only spiritual but physical. As one of my favorite scholars puts it: “Heaven is great, but it’s not the end of the world.” 

Curious? We’ll be having Q and A as we tackle eternal healing in the last topic of our Healing Home series.

And again, Faith, I hope you heard it loud and clear last Sunday. Jill and I are so grateful for the gift of our sabbatical. We fell more in love with God, each other, His word, and others in our journey! If you’d like to hear more about our time away, Kavan and I did a podcast on it this week. You can find it by clicking here

In Christ alone!

Pastor Brad

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