So what’s your modus operandi (method of doing something) when someone fails you? I’m not thinking about times when someone we love makes a mistake. I’m thinking of those times when someone betrays us or even denies the worth and quality of the relationship.

There are simple weapons of war in such failures–the cold shoulder, the anger-filled email, the blocking on Instagram, the de-friending on Facebook. There’s certainly a playbook for how to deal with these relationship failures in our culture. Playing them out often makes for great reality TV.

What do you suppose is God’s modus operandi when we betray or deny Him? This is where we are headed Sunday. We’re leaving John 17 and beginning the journey of John 18-19, the journey to the cross. I’m calling this leg of the trip The King’s Way. One of the things we’ll discover is the King’s way is not the world’s way. God has a completely different playbook for relationship failures, and in it, we’ll find a path to peace only God’s grace can provide.

I pray you’ll join us and bring a friend as we discover grace for betrayers and deniers!

In the manner of the King!

Pastor Brad

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And here are some deeper dive videos for the journey.