Don’t you love a good huddle? A recent survey suggests that all across America, people most love to see their favorite football team huddle. Jill and I stand and cheer every time the Vikings huddle up! Does this surprise you? I hope so! Because I’m totally kidding! Who in their right mind would watch a football game to cheer a huddle? Huddles are necessary, but they only exist to put the offense in motion.

Friends, we absolutely have to gather on Sunday mornings to worship our great God. We absolutely have to prioritize growing in God’s word, learning the offense of our Lord and King. But the King didn’t build the Church to huddle. He built the Church to go and put the offense in motion.

Over the years, I have found every Christian I meet has a desire to see the church go and serve the needs of its community. But turning desire into action is where the rubber meets the road for each follower of Christ. My challenge for you today is that you prioritize gathering with us this Sunday so you can prayerfully consider how you personally might go and serve the Lord inside and outside the church.

We gather to grow and go. How will you go?!

See you Sunday!

Pastor Brad


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And here are 3 great videos to prepare you for Sunday!