How do you grow a tree? I’m not an arborist, but I know a seed, good soil, sun, and water are absolutely necessary.

How do you grow a houseplant? I truly have no idea. I continue to kill them.

How do you grow a disciple of Jesus? This we’re beginning to understand! First of all, the disciple needs to trust the one he’s following–Jesus! Secondly, the disciple needs to listen to the words of the Master. But where might a disciple find the words of the Master? Think, think, think. Oh, that’s right! The Bible! But sadly, friends, this is where most followers of Jesus want to find a shortcut. We long to follow Jesus, but we have no intentional plan to listen to His word. As one of my mentors likes to say, “The greatest deficit in the Church is personal time in God’s word.”

Is it possible the word of God is not just helpful, but necessary for life? Absolutely! I pray you will join us this Sunday as we explore the second of our 3G pathway: Gather, GROW, and Go. We will be having Q and A, so think up some really great questions on the Bible for me!

In His Word,
Pastor Brad


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