It was agonizing, right? And then the wait! The wait was horrible! Maybe it was on a playground or in a gym? Could’ve been a board room or an office as well. Waiting to hear if you’ve been chosen has taken years off the life of many a grade-schooler, many an employee, many a man and woman. We all just want to jump up and shout: “Choose me! Choose me!” And then if we are chosen, the fireworks go off, but, of course, if we’re not chosen…the agony of defeat. Not being chosen has compelled many of us to stop even trying.

But what if we’ve already been chosen? What if the best coach, boss, captain of the team, King of kings in the whole universe has already declared He’s chosen us for His team? And what if the game’s not happening only after we die, but going on now?

Wouldn’t you like to know why Jesus chose you?
How would we even know these things?
John 15 tells us!

Friend, I pray you and your family will join us this week at Faith as we explore the words of the One who chose us for love. I promise what we produce this week will be fruitful!

Abiding in the Vine!
Pastor Brad

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