Imagine this scenario. God, the Father, shows up at your home one day with a gift-wrapped box. You invite God in. He invites you to open His gift. Would you A) open it or B) toss it?

Let’s say you open it, but once you do so, you’re perplexed. You don’t understand what it is! In this moment, would you A) pretend you do, thank God for it, and then after He leaves, put it in the attic, or B) humbly admit you don’t understand what it is and ask God’s help on how to use it? 

Interestingly, each scenario takes faith: A) faith that the gift is unnecessary, or B) faith that the gift is absolutely necessary. A is faith in your own wisdom, and B is faith in God’s wisdom.

I hope you’re intrigued! This Sunday, we will explore an absolutely necessary gift God has given the world, but many don’t understand it or know what to do with it. We’ll look at a story about the gift, a psalm about it, and a written explanation addressed to all willing to receive it. 

Are you curious? I hope so! I hope to see you this Sunday as we explore one of the more perplexing characters in the scriptures. 

In Christ alone!

Pastor Brad


***Downloadable message notes and group discussion guide can be found here


And here are some deeper dive videos relevant to Sunday’s message:

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Moses and Aaron and the Priesthood (5:01)

David the Priestly King (4:39)

Jesus, the Royal Priest (5:43)