Faith Family,

Happy Labor Day Weekend?

I know this weekend brings up lots of mixed emotions regarding the end of summer and beginning of fall. For many of us, the school year is starting this week (or has already begun!) and routines are suddenly changing.

Here at Faith Covenant, we are also changing many routines and getting into the flow of fall ministries. We are very excited for this season and are eager to walk alongside you!

This week we’ll be looking at how distinctive the church is in today’s society. Many of us, like me, have grown up in the church and see it as completely normal. But is it? Is church normal, or is it kind of… strange?

I think church is kind of strange, and I’m grateful for that.

If you want to get a little bit more background on Sunday’s sermon, I encourage you to watch this video from the Bible Project.

Church is a unique and beautiful thing, and we’re a glad to have you join us on Sunday, whether online or in person. See you then!

In Christ,

Kavan Rogness


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