Faith, this Sunday we will explore 3 vital questions relevant to our the racial division in our city and country:

  • What is the mind of Christ amidst our division?
  • What does Jesus desire for all those connected with the Derek Chauvin trial, Daunte Wright’s death, George Floyd’s death, and all of us connected to these issues?
  • How can we speak not from the left or the right but as Christ-like ambassadors amidst the division?

On stage this Sunday will be 3 representatives from the Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation

  • Dr. Monica Yugu is the South Sudanese coordinator for PCR in South Sudan. She knows intimately the gravity of community division and hatred.
  • Todd Bertelson is the chair of the board of PCR. He has traveled in Africa, Tibet, and the US doing reconciliation retreats with groups in conflict. Todd also has a close relative in the Bloomington Police Department. 
  • Melanie Leehy is a city council member of the city of Falcon Heights. She is also the Executive Director of Community Renewal Greater Twin Cities, and the President/Founder M.A.R.C.H. – (Mobilizing And Releasing Caring Hearts Inc.). 

Each of these guests prayed and prayed wondering whether they should join me in this conversation, and each of them felt God’s call to help us discover what it is to be disciples of Jesus amidst our present division.

*****Message Notes/Group Discussion and Deeper Dive Questions can be found by clicking here