I’ve found myself asking so often the past two years, “How can this be happening?! Why can’t people see…?” And yet, the reality is most us do struggle seeing.

Please hear me. I have PLENTY of blind spots and the Lord is patient and gracious with me over the journey helping me see what I’m not seeing. How does He help us see? One of the most important ways is by shining a light on His Son on a cross. The cross-shattered God is the best lens with which to see the world. It is only in the light of the cross that we see there’s something far bigger than what we can think or imagine going on in our world.

Specifically, the light of the cross tells us in our text this Sunday (John 12:27-36) that God has cast a judgment on sin, cast the prince of this world out, and is drawing all people to Himself.

Without that truth our world seems purposeless and dangerous. With that truth, the children of light learn how to walk through the darkness.

Hope to see you online or in-person this Sunday as we let the cross-shattered God move us from Death to Light.

Pastor Brad

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