Hello Faith Family!
I hope the final days of your year are wrapping up well. It’s always a hectic season, but I hope you’ve found some time to slow down and reflect on the year. Whatever you’ve faced this year, difficult or delightful, spend some time thinking about where you saw God show up during the year.
At the same time that we’re all wrapping up the year, we’re also wrapping up this advent series on The Songs of Christmas! The Christmas story is a beautiful one, but we often don’t pay very much attention to the things that happen immediately after the birth. About a week after Jesus was born and the initial hubbub died down, Jesus was taken to the temple by Mary and Joseph. While there, they had an interesting encounter with two people named Simeon and Anna.
There’s no indication Simeon or Anna previously knew Mary or Joseph. Neither shows up again in Scripture again. Yet, they play an important role in identifying Jesus as Messiah.
It’s an interesting tale, and I look forward to sharing more about it with you on Sunday!
In Christ,
Kavan Rogness
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