Dear Faith,

This Sunday, I believe we are going to model what it means to journey together in Christ, even amidst what some would consider a taboo topic. January 21st is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, and while one would think such a topic a reason to celebrate, the enemy has used Sundays like this to divide God’s people. I ask you to join me in prayer as we walk in truth and grace through this “hot button” topic.

My sermon on Sunday is going to be simple. I’m going to tell the story of how I moved from a pro-choice stance to a pro-life stance for the unborn and the already-born. Don’t worry. You’ll be able to check your political party hats at the door. I serve the risen Lord, not a donkey or elephant. What’s more, we serve the Lord of love and grace, the Christ who heals and saves from fear, shame, and regret. Our time together will be for all who are weary and heavy-laden, all who need His rest, and all who desire life to the full.

***Parents, the message will be safe for older kids who understand the topic of pregnancy. Younger ones will probably be best served in our children’s ministry, Pathfinders. 

I covet your prayers this week! I pray our time together will bring healing and life!

In Christ alone,

Pastor Brad

***Downloadable message notes and group discussion guide can be found here.


Here are some deeper dive videos relevant to Sunday’s teaching: