Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself… it’s thinking of yourself less.

What a great phrase this is! I can see you nodding your heads in agreement as you read these words… But how hard it is to live these words! Far too often than I care to admit, I find myself thinking I’m humble, only to be reminded (again) that false humility isn’t humility at all, that my trying really hard to “be humble” might actually end up keeping the focus on myself… causing me to realize that, in the end, the attention is still entirely on ME! (“See how humble I am?”) God must just shake His head at me… at us… hopefully with a loving smile on His face!

This holiday weekend, as we prepare to celebrate the freedoms that we take for granted, join us as we take an intentional look at what it looks like to actually and honestly live humble lives, before God and one another.

Pastor Char

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