Hello Faith Family!

This summer, we’ve been talking extensively about home. Specifically, we delved into the meaning of home and then just capped off six weeks talking about our denominational home in the Evangelical Covenant Church. We’re going to continue the theme of home for the rest of the summer!

With that in mind, our next series is called Healing Home. I’m excited to kick off this series on Sunday. We often find ourselves in need of healing. Sometimes our homes need healing. Sometimes our bodies need healing. Sometimes relationships need healing. Healing is something that often happens in the context of home in some way, shape, or form, so that’s where we will spend the rest of the summer – in healing.

But what is healing?

What happens when healing doesn’t happen when we want it to?

What happens when it seems the healing never comes?

Healing brings a lot of big questions with it. Please bring those questions with you on Sundays during this series. After many of the sermons, we will have a Q&A time to delve into some of those questions. In addition, we’ll be expanding upon some of the sermon ideas in our weekly podcast which is available at the end of this newsletter and on our YouTube channel, Faith Covenant Church Burnsville.

It’s my hope that we can learn together, share together, pray together, and heal together.

In Christ,

Kavan Rogness

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