Do you love Jesus? I hope so! Now, with that in mind, read Jesus’ words: “Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me.” John 14:21

Gulp! If we love Jesus, we have to obey Jesus! Why is that scary for us? Most people agree the way of Christ is the best way. Could it be perhaps you do love Jesus, but you struggle being obedient to Jesus. True for me! Does it seem Jesus is setting us up to fail? But that doesn’t seem like Christ. It seems He would understand and send a Helper, an Advocate. It seems He’d send supernatural power for a supernatural calling. True?

I pray you will join us this week and I hope you’ll bring a friend as we explore the importance of our obedience to Christ and the Holy Spirit’s role within that.

We have the good news of grace and the power of the Holy Spirit guiding our church. We’ll doing eternity’s business and making an eternal difference!

See you Sunday!
Pastor Brad


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