What if?
What if more teens in our community came to know Christ?
What if we could somehow partner with other disciples of Jesus around us to help more teens in our community know Christ?
What if our Youth Director, Davey Neubauer, was unleashed from his office to minister to kids just down the street at our local middle school?
What if Davey and volunteers at Faith partnered with Young Life to start a brand new middle-school-focused Wyldlife ministry serving the teens in our community?
And what if our generosity at Faith helped introduce more teens in our community to Christ?
Wouldn’t you want to be a part of it?

We are going to be a part of it! There’s something brewing here at Faith that is very unique. We have begun a partnership with Young Life Area Director Brad Fendler, and his team to launch this exciting new ministry in our community so more teens become disciples of Jesus in our community. Brad Fendler, Davey, and I will be unpacking this exciting new opportunity this coming Sunday at Faith! You’re part of this unfolding story! I pray you’ll join us!

And don’t hesitate to stay after the service and join us for lunch as Davey and Brad unpack more of the vision!

In Christ alone,
Pastor Brad

***No message notes this week, but here are some relevant videos to accompany our journey!