Celebrate with me!

  • Faith Covenant Church is now providing over 100 free meals a week to our community on Wednesday nights through our Loaves and Fishes ministry.
  • Every week, Faith opens its doors to ministries like Kids in Kinship, Young Life, Bible Study Fellowship, Community Bible Study, and our very own M.O.M.S. ministry.
  • Over the past 10 years, Faith has given over a million dollars to ministries outside of our doors.

How is all this possible?
Money from our denomination? No.
Money from our county? No.
Money from a grant? No!

It’s actually quite simple. It’s the same way local churches have been doing it for 2000+ years. The people who call the church home pool their resources to generously give to the mission of God all over the world. The generosity of “you” makes the generosity of “us” possible!

I’m so grateful I’m a part of this movement! But this wasn’t always the case in my life. I remember decades ago when my desire to be generous was nothing more than that–desire. What changed? Well, this Sunday and next, I’d like to share with you how I turned my desire to be generous into intentional generosity. Good news! It’s not brain surgery or rocket science! But there are some biblical teachings necessary to flip the script.

I pray you’ll join us so the generosity of Faith Covenant Church includes you!

In Christ alone,
Pastor Brad


Downloadable message notes and group discussion guide are here


And here are some deeper dive videos relevant to Sunday!