Did you ever have a parent say to you about your bedroom, “Wow! It looks like a tornado tore through here!” Why would a parent say such a thing? Because bedrooms, kitchens, homes, neighborhoods, cities, and nations require a certain order to get things done in healthy ways. A tornado destroys, breaks, and dis-orders. 

As we’ve been exploring Genesis 1-2 over the past two months, we’ve seen God wove a beautiful order into His creation. That which was “very good” was good because what God created was in its proper place. Nothing was out of place. Wholeness and harmony resonated through His masterpiece

As we head into Genesis 3 this Sunday, in a sermon I am calling The Genesis of Division, we’re going to read about the beginning of the tornado that continues to reap destruction in our world. The tornado is called “sin,” and it is a destroyer. It breaks things and people, disordering the wholeness and harmony God created “very good.”

The good news is we believe wholeness and harmony have been and will be restored by God’s Rescuer, and we are part of His rescue effort. 

I pray you will join us and bring a friend this Sunday! There is good news of rescue in a world too often swirling in the storm.

In Christ alone!

Pastor Brad


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