What are you doing here? 

I, of course, am not only asking why you are where you are as you read this. I’m asking about “here” on planet Earth. There was a time when you weren’t here, but then you ended up here–alive. What’s that about? Why do we spend so much time preserving our ability to be alive? Think about it! Most of your income goes to preserving your continued ability to live. Being alive must be a really important thing to us! Why?

And let’s go deeper! You’re alive because a man and a woman participated in an act that produced a YOU! Aren’t you glad they did?! Wow! So, what’s that about? And your parents were produced out of that same “embrace” by two other couples. My goodness! All that life-making all over the world had to originate from something or Someone mighty important! 

Of course, our culture believes in a narrative that says there’s no purpose to your being here. They agree you’re here, but your presence is nothing but an accident. What are you doing here? Their story has nothing of use to offer for they don’t know why either!

We in the Church, however, believe there is a holy reason you are here. We even believe there’s a sacred reason you should forever be alive. To get to the bottom of this, we’re going to explore The Genesis of You on Sunday, as we continue our series Christ in the Beginning

In Christ alone, 

Pastor Brad


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