What a gift it was to be together on Resurrection Sunday! We are praising God for the 12 people who took “YES!” bags, and the 5 people who took “Maybe” bags after we proclaimed the good news of Christ on Easter morning. A special thank you and “Job well done!” to all who participated in our Art Fair and in our celebration. The creations will be up again this Sunday! Please take a moment and enjoy God’s creativity among us! And artists, feel free to take your work home after Sunday’s service.

So, we have celebrated “He is risen!” Now what?

It’s an honest question. I think the disciples probably asked something similar. They saw the risen Lord on that Sunday and then a week later, but then where did He go? And what do they do now, knowing everything’s changed?!

The third encounter the disciples have with Jesus is so very much like Jesus. It’s morning. They’ve been fishing all night, and the risen Lord invites them to breakfast! What kind of God makes breakfast for His worshipers?! Our God!

There’s more to this story and more good news to receive. I pray you will join us this Sunday morning as we take the next steps in the journey with the King who makes breakfast for His people.

He is risen!

Pastor Brad


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And here are some deeper dive videos for Sunday.