If you knew you would die tomorrow, how would you pray?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had some idea of how Jesus prayed the day before He died? How would He start out? What would be the theme of His prayer? What would He ask? And by the way, to whom would He be speaking? A force? A god of his own understanding? Or His Father?

Good news! We know how Jesus prayed in that time of deepest need! One of Jesus’ disciples has given us Jesus’ prayer from the night before His crucifixion. And if we are going to apprentice our lives to Jesus, knowledge of His prayer would be invaluable to our spiritual journeys.

I do pray you will join us this week as we continue to explore The ONE Prayer of Jesus. In so doing, we will come to know not only more about who God is, but who we are!

On my knees with you,
Pastor Brad

P. S
If you’re feeling bold, please join me in silent prayer before the service at the foot of the stage. I’ll be praying John 17.

P. P. S.
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