There is a particular anxiety-producing part of Christmas, isn’t there? But there is also a comforting part of Christmas! What brings you comfort? 

My guess is Mary and Joseph needed some comfort amid Mary’s pregnancy. Not only was their homeland occupied by a foreign invader, but Mary was carrying a child she never expected to be expecting. Are you carrying anything this season you didn’t think you’d be expecting?

As we enter this second Sunday of Advent, the prophet Isaiah has words of comfort for all of us living in the uncomfortable presence of now: “Comfort, comfort, my people, says the Lord.”

These words, spoken to God’s people centuries before the birth of Christ, were intended to remind them that even though they lived in exile, God was still in control. This is the story the Scriptures tell. Even though the trials of life don’t always make sense, God is still on the throne, and His Savior and Son is our comfort. 

I pray you will join us this week to celebrate together the only comfort who will not disappoint. 

In Christ the Lord, 

Pastor Brad

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