How do you determine if something is true?
Who or what is your source for making right decisions?
Do you have someone in your corner you can ask for counsel when a decision seems effective but actually would be unfaithful to the way of Christ?

The disciples were so blessed! They had the Lord Himself walking with them, teaching them, showing them the way. But as Jesus approached His death, He had to warn them! He was going to be with the Father and while that clearly struck a note of panic among them, He had good news! They wouldn’t be alone! He would send the Holy Spirit to guide them into all truth.

Could it be there’s a greater resource than CNN, Fox News, Google, and Youtube to help you discover what is true? Could it be the way, the truth, and the life is always present?

Join us Sunday as we seek the Holy Spirit and find guidance into “all truth.”

Seeking His kingdom first!
Pastor Brad

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