I think we all agree life matters! Where people disagree is deciding which life matters.

This Sunday at Faith we will celebrate Sanctity of Life Sunday. The word sanctity means “the state or quality of being sacred or holy.”

  • What does it mean for the family of God to celebrate the sacredness of the lives God has made?
  • What does that mean for the born and the unborn?
  • What does that mean for your friend and enemy?
  • What does that mean for you?

I recognize a Sunday like this might trigger fear. So many of us still hurt because we have made life choices that brought death. We fear our life will forever be defined and wounded by regret and shame. But God is inviting us through His Spirit to receive the abundant life found in Christ. God has chosen life for you, for your family, and for our church family by inviting us to choose life in the One who gave His life for all.

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See you in-person and online this Sunday!

Pastor Brad