We’re a week past Resurrection Sunday!
Spring is upon us!
It’s good to be alive, but why?!
Why did God make us alive?
Why did He imprint His image-bearing nature upon all of us humans?
Why did He place us in homes, neighborhoods, schools, and countries?

As we return to our journey through Genesis in Christ in the Beginning, we’re going to continue exploring Genesis 2, the creation of man and woman. What was God’s purpose in creating these two, and what do they tell us about us and our purpose for living? I’ll tip my hand. You’re a gift to be given unashamedly.

I pray you will join us and bring someone who needs the great news of life in Christ. The Giver has given, so we might live to give! What an amazing purpose!

In Christ alone,
Pastor Brad

***Here are some downloadable/printable message notes for Sunday. 

And here are your deeper dive videos for the week!
What it means to be Human (6:02)
Royal Priests of Eden–Bible Project (6:04)
Your Body is a Temple (12:26)