What are the necessities for a healthy culture? We would all agree that healthy schools help make a healthy culture. A robust economy is undoubtedly helpful for a healthy culture. A two-parent home is also vital for a healthy culture, but does it matter if the parents in the home are married? Is marriage part of the infrastructure for a healthy culture?

We’d all agree the answer is yes! And praise God, our nation’s divorce rate has dropped to a 50-year low! Whoo-hoo! But, sadly, the marriage rate has also dropped to a new low. In fact, in working-class families today, over two-thirds are not married.

This alarms us in the Church, but why? I think the reason why is because we know the Bible has given us teachings on marriage that have yet to be proven ineffective. Yet, what is the backbone of that teaching? That’s our goal this Sunday!

While you may or may not be married, each of us is affected by the marriages around us. And in one sense, each of us is married now and will be forever! Whoa! Wait! What?!

Join us Sunday as we continue to find Christ in the Beginning in our journey through Genesis!

In Christ alone,
Pastor Brad

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