What is home?

Simon and Garfunkel were apparently Homeward Bound.
Phil Collins wanted someone to Take Me Home.
John Denver was hoping someone would Take Me Home, Country Road.
And poor Ed Sheeran apparently lives in a Lego House.

I like this quote from Scottish writer Laura Marney: “No matter who you are or where you are, instinct tells you to go home.” So true! But why? And where is that home to which our hearts draw us? For many people, home is not safe. Yet, they still long for something to call home.

I’m excited. This Sunday, we enter into a beautiful journey for our church. We’re going home! As Jill and I head out on our sabbatical, going home to Sweden to visit the homes of our great-grandparents and the birthplace of our denomination, here at home in Minnesota, you will be going home through three different message series:

  • What is Home? (May)
  • Going Home–a journey to our Christian roots (June/July)
  • Healing Home (July/August)

In our exploration of God’s word, I think you’ll discover a new definition of home, and it is good, very good!

See you Sunday!

At home in Him,
Pastor Brad


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And here are some great deeper dive videos relevant to Sunday!