This Sunday we head into week two of our January J-Term Family Life Month series–The Wholly Holy Family

Over my almost 30 years of marriage I have performed dozens of weddings. But why ask a pastor rather than a justice of the peace? What makes a Christian marriage distinctly Christian? We call it holy matrimony, but what makes matrimony holy? I believe the way we answer these questions affects the way each of us lives in the families we’ve been placed.

“Whoa! Wait! Pastor I’m single!”

It’s a powerful mystery, but there’s no way around it. All in Christ have been united into holy matrimony with Christ and in that union we discover the fundamentals of all relationships. Congratulations!

One more thing! This will be the last week I’m posting message notes here for this week we are launching our new Faith Connect App and you’ll be able to access sermon notes right from the app as you watch the message. More info this Sunday on all things Faith Connect

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For a deeper dive: In the Church we call marriage a covenantal relationship. What’s a covenant?



What is the difference between a covenant and a contract? Here’s a quick, helpful article