Sunday morning I want you to drop everything you’re doing and go to church.

“Kinda pushy, Pastor Brad.”

I know! I’ve never been so bold about saying something like that! And I recognize some of you are not able to come in person, or you might be traveling, but I wanted to get your attention because this Sunday, Palm Sunday, is the beginning of the week that changed the universe!

See, friends, when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on that donkey, it was the beginning of the end for Satan, sin, and death. And for 2000 years, the Church has held this next week in the highest esteem because our King has come! So we need to grab a friend or loved one or even an enemy so more can hear the good news of the King.

But wait! There’s more!! This Sunday we will also share in the two sacraments ordained by the King–the Lord’s supper and baptism. Together we will share in the holiest of meals and the grace-filled waters of the font.

Why make such a big deal about these things? These are the things that happen when the Ling rides into our lives! I pray in some way you will join with the church worldwide and Faith Covenant Church to celebrate the King riding into our lives.

In His service,
Pastor Brad

Message notes and group discussion guide can be downloaded here

And here are some great videos relevant to our Sunday’s journey!