Let’s start here. It’s weird. These days getting to where we are going this Sunday is out of the ordinary. It’s just not done by most people. Your friends might even call it foolish. And yet, our topic for Sunday is clearly the call of scripture.

Why would we do such a thing? Why even talk about it?! When all that we have could be more, why actively, and purposely make such a decision? Couldn’t we just skip this part of the Bible? No.

Curious? I hope so. I probably shouldn’t tip my hand just yet where we’re headed, but here’s a clue! Jesus spoke more on this topic than the topics of heaven and hell combined!

***And if you’d like to download a hard copy of the message notes for Sunday, you can get them here.

See you Sunday!
Pastor Brad


And here are some deeper dive videos that will totally give away what we’re talking about Sunday!