What would it look like for you to worship God with all your might?

Is there any way our freedom in Christ might set our bodies to moving?

We have two more weeks of our fall series The Worshiping Family. This week we veer from the Psalms to witness a writer of the Psalms, King David, dancing before the Lord so mightily it’s almost undignified!  Could you ever proclaim like David, “Yes, and I am willing to look even more foolish than this!”?

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And while I have no deep theological videos to share this week, I do have some great art! The first video below is from a gifted dancer, Andrew Winston, using his gifts to give glory to the Lord with one of the worship songs we sing–Do it Again



This second video is music from one of the greatest gifts to American Music–Duke Ellington. The piece is called David Danced Before the Lord presented by Grace Chorale of Brooklyn – Dario Natarelli, tap dancer, combined choir and jazz band.